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*Name/Nicknames* Kat
*Age* 21
*Gender* Female
*Location* Perth, Australia
*Sexual Preference* Straight
*Single or Taken* Taken for nearly 3 months now.
*3 Favorite Bands/Artists* Silverchair, Radiohead, Nirvana
*3 Favorite Movies* Igby Goes Down, Amelie, Lost In Translation
*2 Favorite Books* Anything by Nick Horby and Winter by John Marsden.
*Likes and Dislikes*
Likes- Hanging out with friends, playing music, movies, art, graphic design, reading, photography sewing etc.
Dislikes- Dishonesty, selfishness, backstabbers, paperwork, being sick etc.

A little more personal:
*Who's your role model? Why?* A teacher, Mrs Carter, who I once had. As cliched as it reads, she inspired me to believe in myself and has always been there for me even now if things get too much.
*You win the lottery and get 2 million dollars, what would you do with it?* I'd pay off my Mum's mortgage, buy a house, travel, invest some, give some to charity and put the rest away for my child (education etc).
*Ever done drugs/smoked/drank?* Mmmm yes. Though not now.
*Any piercings/tattoes? Got pics?* No tattoos. I have the standard pierced ears and am considering either getting my nose done.
*What is your biggest pet peeve?* People not showing up without letting me know.

Opinions:(at least 2 sentances)
*Abortion* I think it's up to the woman in question to make the choice. But personally I couldn't do it as it's not the baby's fault that I was careless.
*Pre-Marital Sex* A person knows when they are ready to have sex. They can make the choice for themselves. But make sure it's the right person as you don't want it to be something you regret forever.
*Teen Moms* Are yet another group who are stereotyped in a negative way. Just because you are a teen doesn't mean you will be a bad parent.
*Gay Marriage/Relationships* People can't help who they love. If it's two men or a man and a woman, who cares as long as they are happy.

Post between 3-10 CLEAR pics(must have at least 2 good face shots):

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