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*Name/Nicknames* Rebekah
*Age* 19
*Gender* Female
*Location* United States ;)
*Sexual Preference* Straight
*Single or Taken* Single (now)
*3 Favorite Bands/Artists* Eminem, Maroon 5, Green Day
*3 Favorite Movies* The Notebook, Napoleon Dynamite, Gothika
*2 Favorite Books* Gerald's Game by Stephen King and To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee

*Likes and Dislikes*  Right now everything I like has to do with my new baby.  I love holding her when she is sleeping and watching all her little facial expression and the little sounds she makes.  I like it when she sleeps most of the night!

I dislike people that think I can't be a good mom because I'm single
and young.  I don't like drama on live journal, and I've had enough
to last me forever!

A little more personal:
*Who's your role model? Why?* My mother, she is a great mom and wife.  She is so dedicated to her family.  She is also a great cook.  and a wonderful grandma.  She is so supportive of my relationship with my daughter.
*You win the lottery and get 2 million dollars, what would you do with it?*  Buy a house, a new car and live happily for the rest of my life!
*Ever done drugs/smoked/drank?* Yes.
*Any piercings/tattoes? Got pics?* No.
*What is your biggest pet peeve?*  People that make unfair assumtions about others, without really know them.

Opinions:(at least 2 sentances)
*Abortion*  I could never have an abortion, but I can't make that decision for other people and I wouldn't want to try.  I think if abortion became illegal, we would be opening up a whole new set of problems.
*Pre-Marital Sex*  is fun! ;)  Especially if all parties involved are mature enough to handle the consequences.  And there is lots of open communication about it.
*Teen Moms*  I think anyone can be a good parent, despite their age.  Teen moms have a lot to offer their children.
*Gay Marriage/Relationships*  Marriage is about love.  We should offer some kind of civil type marriage for gay men and women.

*Tell us a little something about yourself*
I am a single SAHM of a beauty girl named Kaitlyn. My ex boyfriend (the father of my child) left me for my best friend, Michael. Yes, he is gay. I am ok with this. In fact we still live together, he just moved back in with me. I love working but I want to stay home with my daughter as long as I can. I don't know what else to say. I think all the above pretty much tells a lot about me.

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