Audrey (luvforever) wrote in xhotmamasx,

Name/Nicknames* Audrey
*Age* 23
*Gender* Female
*Location* USA
*Sexual Preference* Um, men
*Single or Taken* Married
*3 Favorite Bands/Artists* Finger Eleven, Evanescence, Manson
*3 Favorite Movies* Major League, The Craft, Legally Blonde
*2 Favorite Books* Anything by Christopher Pike
*Likes and Dislikes* ummm...

A little more personal:
*Who's your role model? Why?* I don't think I have one anymore, I grew up and am just trying to be myself
*You win the lottery and get 2 million dollars, what would you do with it?* Spend some on my family and get a really big house
*Ever done drugs/smoked/drank?* yes
*Any piercings/tattoes? Got pics?* Tattoo on right shoulder, used to have tongue ring
*What is your biggest pet peeve?* I don't know

Opinions:(at least 2 sentences)

*Abortion* I think it's a woman's choice. She has to live with that choice, not me.
*Pre-Marital Sex* Um, I did it so I don't have a right to judge others on it.
*Teen Moms* Um, tons of my friends and my baby sister were all teen moms and they turned out to be really great moms.
*Gay Marriage/Relationships* I don't get involved. I have gay friends but I'm not going to argue for thier right to marriage or against it, it's not my battle.

*Tell us a little something about yourself* I'm related to the Mod :P Ha ha...

I don't have many pics but here ya go...

I'm the one in the back (and man is this picture old)

and probably the best pic of me for last

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well, your third pic isn't working so you get a no. haha just kidding. your are accepted you will be modified momentarily.
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ok, there's your stamp, I know it kind of sucks my rejected banners are worse, so if you can do those that would be awesome.