Mrs. B (ebest) wrote in xhotmamasx,
Mrs. B

*Name/Nicknames: Elena
*Age: 21
*Gender: Female... thus not joining hotpapas :)
*Location: California
*Sexual Preference: Male
*Single or Taken: Taken
*3 Favorite Bands/Artists: Social Distortion, Elton John and Mary Prankster
*3 Favorite Movies: LOTRs, Reality Bites, Gladiator
*2 Favorite Books: The Harry Potter series, anything by Dean Koontz -- I read a lot
*Likes and Dislikes: LIKE - People that make me laugh, watching movies, reading, playing with my kids
DISLIKE - Ignorant people, drug abusers, child abusers/molestors, drama queens and people that type LyKKKE tthisss or however they do it

A little more personal:
*Who's your role model? Why?: My mother, because she's the strongest person I know
*You win the lottery and get 2 million dollars, what would you do with it?: Buy myself a piece of property far away from everyone else and take in animals in a non-kill shelter sort of way, also I would put money in a trust fund for my kids
*Ever done drugs/smoked/drank?: Um.. yes
*Any piercings/tattoes? Got pics?: Four holes on my right ear, three on my left... and seven tattoos
*What is your biggest pet peeve?: People that don't know how to drive and we get a lot of those in California

Opinions:(at least 2 sentances)
*Abortion: This is a hard question, only because I have children. Personally, I'm pro-life because I know I could never abort my child. However, I would never condemn someone that chooses to have an abortion, only they know their own situation, and who am I to judge? Just because pro-life is for me doesn't mean it's not for everyone. I'm fine with other people getting an abortion, because it's their choice, their body, not mine. I guess the only problem I would have with someone else's choice is if they used it as a form of birth control.
*Pre-Marital Sex: I was all about pre-martial sex. However, hindsight is 20/20. I wish I would have made wiser decisions, but that's just me. I want to instill in my daughters that they do have a choice, and it's their responsibility to make the right one.
*Teen Moms: I am, or was, a teen mom. I think having a child when you're still considered a teenager is an amazing feat. I know having my children really made me grow up and get my act together.
Gay Marriage/Relationships: Whatever floats their boats. I don't think anyone should be discrimated against just because of sexual orientation.

Post between 3-10 CLEAR pics(must have at least 2 good face shots):
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